Sachets and Pouches

Low MOQ and Flexible scheduling

Packaging & Bottling

Multiple packing materials and designing scheme

Wet & Dry Granulation

Low MOQ and reasonable costs


A Variety of options for shapes


Low MOQ and Flexible scheduling

Powder Blending

Low MOQ (>25 KGs)

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Johncan Mushroom is a manufacturer mainly producing raw materials of mushrooms powder and extract with more than 10 years of experiences.
As time goes on, we were inevitably exposed to the mushroom formulation, processing and packaging. And we are familiar with Organic regulation of raw materials and finished products in most of North America, Europe and Oceania.

So far, we have helped customers create 100+ mushroom formulas and packages. And we have been exploring new trend of mushroom products.

Our focus is to create and deliver the best-selling products for your needs- faster and more reliably and more transparent. We have full solutions, and we can handle all of demanding work to make your job easy, so you can focus on building your brand and marketing and be assured of your production.

By using us as a Pit Stop of your brand, from mushroom species selection to your own signature formulation to match your individual needs.

Ingredient Sourcing

EU and USDA Organic Production
Our facility has lines for manufacturing EU and USDA Organic certified products and packaging. We also have separate lines for non-organic processing.

Ingredient Sourcing

Design & Packaging

We can also assist our customers to create original and unique package/label designs with relatively low MOQ that can help you make a quick start of new business.

Design & Packaging


High quality requires best in equipment, knowledge base and testing processes, all of which requires an experienced team and clean facilities. We know the quality requirements in most markets, and we are happy to share all of our knowledge with every customer.


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