Armillaria mellea (Honey Mushroom)

Honey Mushroom

Botanical name – Armillaria mellea

English name – Honey Mushroom

Chinese name – Mi Huan Jun

A. mellea is a common fungus that produces edible fruiting bodies with a distinctive golden colour. A single example can grow to cover a vast area and it is reported that the largest living organism in the world is a related species of honey fungus covering an area of 2400 acres in Oregon, USA, with estimates of its age ranging from 1900 to 8650 years.

Although responsible for the death of many trees and garden shrubs, A. mellea is essential for the growth of other plants, including the important Chinese herb Gastrodia elata (Tian Ma).

Active compounds include polysaccharides, nucleoside analogues, indole compounds including: tryptamine, L- tryptophan and serotonin, as well as antibiotics, primarily sesquiterpene aryl esters.


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A. mellea Mycelium Powder



Fishy smell

Low density




A. mellea Mycelium water extract

Standardized for Polysaccharides

100% soluble

Moderate density

Solid drinks




With high economic value, A. mellea has been widely distributed in tropical and temperate forests around the world. As an important representative of traditional medicinal and edible fungi in China as an important representative of traditional medicinal and edible fungi in China, it is well known for its medicinal and edible value.

The main active compounds of A. mellea include proto-Ilulane-type sesquiterpenoids, polysaccharides, triterpenes, proteins, sterols, and adenosine.

Study shows that these compounds lie in both hypha and shoestring. In different part, the active compounds content varies. In most cases, the content of most active substances in hypha is higher than that in shoestring. For polysaccharids content, hypha is much lower than that in shoestring. For protein, triterpenes, ergot sterone and ergosterol content, hypha is higher than that in shoestring.

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